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Dr. Ebony Bridwell-Mitchell

Harvard University Graduate School of Education
Professor of Education
Dr. Ebony Bridwell-Mitchell is a Full Professor of Education at Harvard University’s Graduate School of Education. Dr. Bridwell-Mitchell's award-winning research builds on her three areas of training and study: organizational management theory, public policy, and education in order to examine how institutional conditions constrain and enable the implementation of U.S. public school reforms. Her work has been published in numerous high-impact scholarly journals, translated for practice-oriented outlets, covered in a variety of media outlets, and supported by funders, such as the National Science Foundation. Ultimately, Dr. Bridwell-Mitchell's research provides researchers, policymakers, and practitioners with theoretically grounded and empirically rigorous conceptual frameworks, analytical tools, and research evidence needed to improve schools and foster more equitable opportunities and outcomes for educationally disenfranchised students. The values driving her work were instilled by two parents with long careers in education and human services and a family with rural roots prizing integrity, hard work, and fair play. She brings these same values not only to her work as a researcher and teacher in academia but also when partnering with leading-edge education organizations to support organizational development, institutional change, and school reform across the country.