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DECEMBER 1-2, 2022 | BOSTON, MA, USA | Conference overview | Registration | Accommodations | Directions | Contact us
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Thursday, December 1

9:00am EST

How to ensure your graduates are “Future-Ready"
Creating your vision of the graduate is exciting and creates the kind of energy that only a new beginning can inspire. But now what? This session will focus on the importance of engaging all stakeholders in moving your vision of the graduate from a lofty goal to an attainable reality that builds future-ready graduates. We will discuss the value of adopting a systems approach with your vision of the graduate at the heart of the work. We will explore some of the most transformative change levers for operationalizing your vision and share examples of how one Connecticut district has continually deepened the work and kept all stakeholders engaged. This session is designed for school or district leaders who either have a vision of the graduate or are in the process of building one. Participation in the workshop will help districts design a systems-based approach to transformation. This session will be especially useful for district teams.

IMPORTANT: Please note that there is an additional fee for this workshop. If you are interested in attending, but did not yet pay, please contact mlarson@neasc.org

avatar for Diane Ullman, PhD

Diane Ullman, PhD

International Accreditation Leader, NEASC
Diane brings to her NEASC work, broad experience as a superintendent, management consultant, and leadership development consultant in a wide range of settings. She has led accreditation visiting teams in Asia, India, Africa, South America, Central America, and Europe. Prior to becoming... Read More →
avatar for Kelly Lyman

Kelly Lyman

Speaker, NEASC
Kelly has been a member of the Commission on International Education at the New England Association of Schools and Colleges for five years. In that time she has served as lead or team member on visits to schools in Europe, Central America, and the United States. Several of these visits... Read More →

Thursday December 1, 2022 9:00am - 12:00pm EST
Atlantic 1

9:00am EST

Inclusive Recruitment
One of the root causes in the gap of having a diverse staff representation at all levels is largely due to ineffective recruitment processes. The processes need to be robust in monitoring and evaluating that all outcomes through the recruitment intake cycle is fair and reasonable. The session will explore how to ensure that recruitment systems that are put in place are consistent, inclusive and aligned with the values of the organisation.
  1. The Business case of having a diverse representation
  2. The value of inclusive recruitment
  3. Understanding and managing biases during interviews
  4. Evidence and accountability in being fair and inclusive
The workshop will be interactive, with anecdotes, and practice scenarios. All questions will be responded to in a sensitive and understanding manner. Taking into consideration that some of the discussions may be highly emotive, the facilitation style and method will model the concept of respect and dignity.

IMPORTANT: Please note that there is an additional fee for this workshop. If you are interested in attending, but did not yet pay, please contact mlarson@neasc.org

avatar for Kam Chohan

Kam Chohan

Executive Director, ECIS
Kam Chohan is the Executive Director for ECIS. With an impressive background in education and leadership, Kam is a learning leader and brings insight, wisdom, and compassion to the role. As an example of her commitment to student learning, Kam worked with the UK Government’s Behaviour... Read More →

Thursday December 1, 2022 9:00am - 12:00pm EST
Atlantic 2

9:00am EST

The Trust Imperative: Practical strategies to improve your professional skill and personal well-being
In this interactive workshop, veteran school leader Dr. Andrew Dolloff will present lessons he has learned through 35 years on the front lines of public school leadership and engage participants in self-reflection activities that will provide them with tangible strategies to begin using TODAY as they seek to build trust with their constituents, increase school effectiveness, and improve their own health. Andrew's book, The Trust Imperative, serves as a jumping off point for new and long-serving school leaders at all levels of the organization, and is supplemented by personal anecdotes, research, and attendee participation that will provide each individual with exciting ideas to consider for immediate implementation.

IMPORTANT: Please note that there is an additional fee for this workshop. If you are interested in attending, but did not yet pay, please contact mlarson@neasc.org

avatar for Dr. Andrew Dolloff

Dr. Andrew Dolloff

Superintendent of Schools, Yarmouth, ME
Dr. Andrew Dolloff is in his ninth year as Superintendent of Schools in Yarmouth, Maine. Andrew is a 35-year veteran of Maine public schools, having taught chemistry and coached varsity basketball for eight years before making the move to school leadership in 1995. Andrew and the... Read More →

Thursday December 1, 2022 9:00am - 12:00pm EST
Atlantic 3

9:00am EST

Whole adults in support of whole child education
Grounded in the Ignatian spirituality values of cura personalis and accompaniment, this session is designed to support educational leaders of all levels (classroom, school and (arch)diocese to explore how they use the “cannonball moment” of the last 2 plus years to renew their way forward in our Catholic Schools. During this 3 hour interactive pre conference session, participants will explore their mission, school culture, and Catholic identity to evaluate how they “care for the whole person” including themselves and their colleagues, with the goal of supporting each child in their school. As explained by the National Standards and Benchmarks for Effective Catholic Schools (NSBECS): “Catholic school education is rooted in the conviction that human beings have a transcendent destiny, and that education for the whole person must form the spiritual, intellectual, physical, psychological, social, moral, aesthetic and religious capacities of each child.” In order to care for the whole child, prioritization of care for the whole adults that serve students is essential.  This session will give participants a chance to reflect on how they care for themselves and their colleagues, in order to holistically educate students.  

IMPORTANT: Please note that there is an additional fee for this workshop. If you are interested in attending, but did not yet pay, please contact mlarson@neasc.org

avatar for Molly McMahon, PhD

Molly McMahon, PhD

Director of Leadership Programs, Barbara and Patrick Roche Center for Catholic Education, Boston College
Dr. Molly McMahon has served as both an elementary and middle school educator, along with holding several teacher-leader positions in the Catholic Schools she served. She was an assistant principal and principal for 12 years. Most recently, she served as principal for nine years in... Read More →

Thursday December 1, 2022 9:00am - 12:00pm EST

12:00pm EST

Conference check-in/registration
Welcome to NEASC2022!

If you have any questions about your registration before the conference, please contact us.
During the conference, NEASC staff will be available at the registration desk to assist you in-person.

Thursday December 1, 2022 12:00pm - 1:00pm EST

12:00pm EST

Join us for a buffet-style luncheon.

Thursday December 1, 2022 12:00pm - 1:00pm EST
Pacific A-D

1:00pm EST

Welcome to NEASC2022 & KEYNOTE: From burned out to burning bright: How school leaders can leverage the science of purpose and belonging to thrive at school (and in life)
We are honored to have Mary Skipper, Superintendent of Boston Public Schools, kick off our conference. Her commitment to the innovative use of data to inform continuous progress, to ensure a student-centered approach to teaching and learning, and to equity of opportunity and access for all students is exemplary of the leadership and dedication to community that will resonate throughout the conference.

Following her welcome, the student choir from the John D. O’Bryant School of Mathematics and Science in Boston will perform.

We are pleased to announce Kam Chohan as this year’s recipient of NEASC’s 1885 Award for Exemplary Service to Education.

Even pre-pandemic, many people were working harder than ever to get ahead in the workplace, while feeling disengaged and questioning their purpose and calling. Covid-19 amplified these struggles, especially in education. It’s estimated that as much as 44% of educators are considering leaving the profession altogether. This reflects a more global crisis: more than half of workers suffer from burnout and 80% say the pandemic has taken a personal toll. In response, millions have quit their jobs in what has been dubbed the Great Resignation.

Dr. Belle Liang and Timothy Klein, LCSW devote their careers both to training educators and to cutting through the daily pressures to show a better way, a framework, and a set of questions to help educators reclaim their “true north”: the intrinsically motivating and noble aspirations that drew them to the field of education in the first place.

Liang and Klein will reveal the real cause of the educator burnout crisis. Here’s a hint: it’s not the long hours or the demands from students and parents. It’s the emotional exhaustion that arises from a sense of powerlessness and meaninglessness. Thankfully, there is hope. When we tap into the science of purpose, research shows it makes educators more engaged in their work, more resilient in the face of daily stressors, and more likely to education work as their calling.

In this highly interactive talk, school leaders will learn why we don’t have to do “more” to better support our teachers and ourselves. Instead, we must create the space to reflect and reconnect to why we came to education in the first place. In doing so, not only will this change educators' personal experience, it will change the culture and climate of the school as well.

Join two educators as they share their award-winning work on purpose and belonging. They will show how what’s good for educators is also good for students. They will unpack the science of purpose and share why purpose-driven students are more engaged in school, are more successful in college, and more likely to be thriving in their careers and lives.

Educators and administrators will come away with evidence-based best practices and tangible strategies they can immediately implement in their schools. Liang and Klein will show every school leader how to transform their schools, and their teachers by tapping into the power of purpose-belong informed education.

This session is proudly supported by Jostens 

avatar for Mary Skipper

Mary Skipper

Superintendent, Boston Public Schools
In June 2022, the Boston School Committee selected Mary Skipper to serve as the Superintendent of Boston Public Schools (BPS). Mary previously served as the Superintendent of Somerville Public Schools (SPS). Before going to Somerville, Superintendent Skipper was a Network Superintendent... Read More →
avatar for Belle Liang

Belle Liang

Professor of Counseling, Developmental and Educational Psychology, Boston College - Lynch School of Education and Human Development
Dr. Belle Liang is a professor of counseling, developmental, and educational psychology in the Lynch School of Education and Human Development at Boston College. She is a licensed clinical psychologist, and an expert in mentoring and youth purpose. She is an American Psychological... Read More →
avatar for Tim Klein

Tim Klein

Co-Founder, How To Navigate Life, LLC
Tim Klein is an award-winning urban educator, clinical therapist, a former teaching fellow at Harvard University, and lecturer at Boston College. Prior to his work at Boston College, he helped launch Stanford University's Project Wayfinder, where he trained educators across the globe... Read More →

Thursday December 1, 2022 1:00pm - 2:30pm EST
Pacific E-H

2:30pm EST

Meet our 2022 exhibitors!

Thursday December 1, 2022 2:30pm - 3:00pm EST

3:00pm EST

Effective partnerships: Running the school when the buck doesn’t stop with you
You’re charged with the excellence of the education of your school and everything that entails  - but the buck doesn’t stop with you. You’re responsible for the success of your students and teachers, but you report to people who may have goals that don’t support your pedagogical responsibilities. It’s a precarious but not uncommon situation. Carrie Wilson and Angela Pohlen have over 25 years of combined leadership experience in various models of independent schools addressing these very issues. Whether you answer to a pastor, a superintendent, an advisory board, a governing board, an executive director, or any combination thereof, this presentation will provide attendees with some tried and true best practices to establish and maintain effective working relationships with them all. Resilient leadership starts with removing the “best intended” obstacles to that leadership!

This session is proudly supported by Advancement Courses.

avatar for Carrie Wilson

Carrie Wilson

Head of School, Bishop John A. Marshall School
Carrie Wilson serves as Head of School for Bishop John A. Marshall School, located in Morrisville, Vermont, where she has worked for the past twenty-five years. Carrie graduated from Trinity College, earning her undergraduate degrees in both Elementary Education and English Literature... Read More →
avatar for Angela Pohlen

Angela Pohlen

Executive Director, Catholic Academy of Bridgeport
Angela is the Executive Director of the Catholic Academy of Bridgeport in Bridgeport, Connecticut. She has been a preschool-8th grade administrator for 14 years and has led schools in southern California, Vermont, and Connecticut. A product of both public and private education, Angela... Read More →

Thursday December 1, 2022 3:00pm - 4:00pm EST
Atlantic 3

3:00pm EST

Is the expectation of college attendance a fading pastime? Is there a revolution brewing?
This session will explore the state of higher education as we head into 2023 and beyond. Is higher education experiencing an evolution or a revolution? Join New England Commission on Higher Education President, Dr. Larry Schall, who will share insights on insights on higher education across New England and the country including shifting demographics, admissions changes, and the implications for high schools as they prepare their students for graduation.

avatar for Lawrence Schall

Lawrence Schall

President, NECHE
Dr. Lawrence Schall joined the New England Commission of Higher Education (NECHE) as President in 2020. Previously, he served as President of Oglethorpe University in Atlanta, Georgia for 15 years. During his tenure, Dr. Schall led the transformation of Oglethorpe from an at-risk... Read More →

Thursday December 1, 2022 3:00pm - 4:00pm EST
Atlantic 2

3:00pm EST

Just ask us: Engaging students in school change - A student panel discussion
Students representing the following NEASC Accredited schools developed and will lead this panel discussion:
St. Raphael Academy, Pawtucket, Rhode Island
Nipmuc Regional High School, Upton, Massachusetts
Old Colony Regional Vocational Technical High School, Rochester, Massachusetts
Miss Porter's School, Farmington, Connecticut

avatar for Student Panelists

Student Panelists

Representing various NEASC Accredited schools
Student panelists representing the following NEASC Accredited schools developed and will lead this panel discussion:St. Raphael Academy, Pawtucket, Rhode Island;Nipmuc Regional High School, Upton, Massachusetts;Old Colony Regional Vocational Technical High School, Rochester, Mass... Read More →

Thursday December 1, 2022 3:00pm - 4:00pm EST
Atlantic 1

3:00pm EST

Leaders making the shift to equitable, learner-centered education
The long game of systems-change work is critical to advancing learner-centered education, but how might leaders develop a roadmap for helping their communities navigate change with resiliency? In this session, we will introduce a new framework that draws on the learning sciences to leverage educators’ mental models, motivations, and moves. We’ll share action-focused strategies and a suite of resources leaders can use to shift their own and colleagues’ practices to facilitate equitable, learner-centered, competency-based education.

This session is based on our newly released CompetencyWorks report, “Teachers Making the Shift to Equitable, Learner-Centered Education: Harnessing Mental Models, Motivations, and Moves.”

avatar for Kim Carter

Kim Carter

Executive Director, QED Foundation, Inc.
Kim Carter, founder and Executive Director of the Q.E.D. Foundation, is committed to creating, inspiring, cultivating, and sustaining communities where each individual is empowered to use his or her unique voice effectively and with integrity in co-creating our public world. Passionately... Read More →
avatar for Wendy Surr

Wendy Surr

Senior Researcher, American Institutes for Research (AIR)
Wendy B. Surr is a senior research consultant and project director with more than 30 years of experience leading research and evaluation studies, state and local education initiatives, and technical assistance services. Surr specializes in the development of assessment systems designed... Read More →
avatar for Andrea Stewart

Andrea Stewart

Founder/CEO, Organization: Learning Couture, LLC
Andrea Stewart has 11 years in personalized, competency-based learning and 24 years in education. She leads transformational change with schools, districts, education service/state agencies, institutions of higher education, and via national conferences and cross-state partnerships/consultation... Read More →

Thursday December 1, 2022 3:00pm - 4:00pm EST

3:00pm EST

On a broken business and finding a way forward: Lessons learned during our journey toward institutional sustainability
Description to come...

avatar for Dr. Craig Gemmell

Dr. Craig Gemmell

President, Brewster Academy
Dr. Craig N. Gemmell is President of Brewster and BA International. He began this role on July 1, 2021 after serving as Brewster's Head of School since 2015. As Brewster's President, he acts as an advisor to Brewster's Head of School and supports the work of the Admissions and Advancement... Read More →

Thursday December 1, 2022 3:00pm - 4:00pm EST

4:00pm EST

Break - time to network and visit exhibitors!

Thursday December 1, 2022 4:00pm - 4:15pm EST

4:15pm EST

Commission breakout - independent schools
Join the staff of the NEASC Commission on Independent Schools for updates, Q&A, and conversation. We look forward to connecting with you in person!

avatar for Dan Ferris

Dan Ferris

Director of Accreditation and School Improvement, New England Association of Colleges and Schools

Thursday December 1, 2022 4:15pm - 5:00pm EST
Atlantic 2

4:15pm EST

Commission breakout - international education
Join the staff of the NEASC Commission on International Education for updates, Q&A, and conversation. We look forward to connecting with you in person!

avatar for Trillium Hibbeln

Trillium Hibbeln

Associate Director, NEASC- Commission on International Education
Trillium Hibbeln, M.Ed. is the Associate Director for the Commission on International Education at the New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC). In this role, she inspires international schools to transform learning for the 21st century and beyond. She has been instrumental... Read More →
avatar for Jeff Bradley

Jeff Bradley

Commission on International Education, New England Association of Schools and Colleges

Thursday December 1, 2022 4:15pm - 5:00pm EST

4:15pm EST

Commission breakout - public schools
Join the staff of the NEASC Commission on Public Schools for updates, Q&A, and conversation. We look forward to connecting with you in person!

Thursday December 1, 2022 4:15pm - 5:00pm EST
Atlantic 3

5:00pm EST

Join us for conversation and connection.
Appetizers and beverages will be served.
Entertainment will be provided by local musicians, the Takeru Saito Trio.

This session is proudly supported by TIAA

Thursday December 1, 2022 5:00pm - 6:30pm EST
Atlantic 1
Friday, December 2

7:00am EST

Good morning and welcome to Day 2 of the conference. We hope you'll join us for a breakfast buffet and start your day in good company!

Friday December 2, 2022 7:00am - 8:00am EST
Pacific A-D

8:00am EST

A standards-based approach for assessing the quality of athletics programs
Educationally based school athletic programs play a valuable role in preparing young people for the world. These programs help students develop social and emotional skills including team-work, dedication, goal orientation, and resilience; just to name a few. Increasingly, however, school athletic programs are facing challenges. These challenges include poor sportsmanship, hazing, and a win-first perspective not compatible with educationally based programs. Join Bob Baldwin, Executive Director of the Massachusetts Interscholastic Athletic Association; John Cabral, Superintendent of Schools, Taunton, MA; Glen Lungarini, Executive Director of the Connecticut Interscholastic Athletic Conference; and Karissa Niehoff, Executive Director of the National Federation of State High School Associations as they discuss the challenges facing schools and how Standards can be used to support school leaderships in developing and maintaining quality school athletic programs.

avatar for Bob Baldwin

Bob Baldwin

Executive Director, Massachusetts Interscholastic Athletic Association
Dr. Baldwin received his Bachelor of Arts in Secondary Physical Education at Springfield College and his Master of Arts in Athletic Administration from the University of Maryland. Dr. Baldwin continued his education at NOVA Southeastern University, earning a Doctorate of Educational... Read More →
avatar for John Cabral

John Cabral

Superintendent, Taunton Public Schools
John assumed the stewardship of Taunton Public Schools on July 1, 2018 following an exemplary career spanning twenty years in the Taunton School system. From his initial assignment as a middle school Social Studies teachers at Parker Middle School through his role as Assistant Principal... Read More →
avatar for Glenn Lungarini

Glenn Lungarini

Executive Director, CAS-CIAC
Glenn Lungarini assumed the position of Executive Director of CAS-CIAC in August of 2018 after serving nineteen years in public education as a coach, teacher, department chair, athletic director, assistant principal and principal. Glenn began his career in 1999 as a health and physical... Read More →
avatar for Karissa Niehoff

Karissa Niehoff

Chief Executive Officer, NFHS
Dr. Karissa Niehoff has worked in public education and education-based athletics since 1989 as a teacher, coach, athletic director, principal, state association executive director and, since August 2018, as executive director of the National Federation of State High School Associations... Read More →
avatar for George Edwards

George Edwards

Chief Accreditation Officer, NEASC

Friday December 2, 2022 8:00am - 9:00am EST
Atlantic 3

8:00am EST

Design your own story: Personalizing learning and promoting student agency
Imagine a school in which learners determine the time and pace of their learning: a learner-centered environment where students personalize their educational goals and make meaningful decisions about their learning experiences. In Louisenlund’s IB World School students collaborate weekly with their faculty mentors to design a personalized schedule that meets their own learning needs. This session will introduce participants to best practices in place in a learning community committed to student agency and metacognitive competence. Participants will brainstorm further ideas for transforming their schools into learning communities in which students can design their own story.

avatar for Damien Vassallo

Damien Vassallo

Principal, Stiftung Louisenlund
Damien Vassallo is principal of the IB World School at Stiftung Louisenlund, a private secondary boarding school (NEASC CIE accredited) in the north of Germany. A former IB Diploma Programme Coordinator, Damien is a passionate IB educator and a teacher of English A: Language and Literature... Read More →
avatar for Petra Hau

Petra Hau

Deputy Head, IB World School, Stiftung Louisenlund
Petra Hau is deputy head of the IB World School at Stiftung Louisenlund in Germany, IB Diploma Programme coordinator and a passionate teacher of Economics. She graduated with the first and second German state examinations in law and also holds a degree in commerce and economics. Petra... Read More →

Friday December 2, 2022 8:00am - 9:00am EST

8:00am EST

Instructional standardization vs instructional innovation: Loose tight coupling as a leadership tool to bring balance and coherence
One challenge facing school leaders is the balance between uniformity/standardization of practices and promoting individual freedom/innovation. This can be particularly vexing when it comes to instructional practices where there is recognition that there are identified best practices but we also acknowledge the importance of individualized instruction and the benefits of instructional innovation.  This session will provide a look at the organizational concept of loose tight coupling and how it can be used as a leadership lens and lever to establish a dynamic balance that fosters fidelity to essential or best practices while supporting individualization and innovation. Participants will be given the opportunity to work with peers on using the concept to address issues in their own school.

avatar for Howard Thiery

Howard Thiery

Superintendent of Schools, Regional School District 10, Harwinton-Burlington, CT
Howard Thiery has been a Public-School Superintendent for the last 14 years and is currently the Superintendent in Regional School District 10, Harwinton-Burlington, CT. He has been a Commissioner on the NEASC Commission on International Education for 5 years and is currently the... Read More →

Friday December 2, 2022 8:00am - 9:00am EST
Atlantic 2

8:00am EST

Operationalize your Vision of a Graduate: A how-to on bringing your Vision of the Graduate to life
You have engaged your stakeholders and developed a Vision of the Graduate (VOG) which includes transferable skills, knowledge, understandings, and dispositions. You have socialized the outcomes and created the poster to hang on the walls throughout the district. You have brought together your leadership team to monitor progress on implementation, prepare professional learning offerings, and align learnings to a strategic plan. And questions remain.

How can we bring the VOG off the poster on the walls and bring it into our classrooms?
Join Manchester School District, LiFT Learning, and CBE Solutions for a session focused on how schools and districts can activate and operationalize their vision of a graduate with portfolios that capture all types of learning. Participants will walk away with strategies, technology recommendations, and “step 1” action items to successfully operationalize your VOG.

avatar for Daniel Joseph

Daniel Joseph

President, Competency-Based Education Solutions
Daniel Joseph is the founder of CBE Solutions, an organization that supports districts in the strategic transformational shift from traditional, time-based education to personalized, competency-based systems of teaching and learning. By promoting systems-level change, engaging shareholders... Read More →
avatar for Amy Allen

Amy Allen

Asst. Superintendent of Teaching, Learning and Leading, Manchester School District
Amy Allen became Principal of Parker-Varney Elementary in January of 2013. Her focus was on raising achievement for all students, closing the achievement gap, preparing graduates for college and career, and supporting educator effectiveness in innovative and transformative ways.  In... Read More →
avatar for Joey Lee

Joey Lee

Chief Learning Officer, LIFT Learning
As a New Hampshire educator at the forefront of the competency-based movement, Joey taught at Pinkerton Academy serving as teacher, curriculum coordinator, instructional design coach, and exchange program director. He was awarded New Hampshire’s Teacher of the Year in 2014 as NH... Read More →

Friday December 2, 2022 8:00am - 9:00am EST
Atlantic 1

9:00am EST

Break - time to network and visit exhibitors!

Friday December 2, 2022 9:00am - 9:30am EST

9:30am EST

Listening and leading: Using surveys to guide impactful learning in schools
This session will focus on the most important things leaders can do to cultivate a culture of evidence-informed decision-making in their schools. This includes identifying research priorities and how to spot good (and bad) survey design. Strategies to engage with survey data along with other forms of evidence, to facilitate discussions with teams, and to create and follow through with action plans were provided.
A version of this session was presented as a NEASC Forum earlier in 2022.

avatar for Julia Higdon

Julia Higdon

Global Director of Research, Analytics and Measurement, Avenues: The World School
Julia Higdon is the Global Director, Research Analytics and Measurement at Avenues: The World School where she and her team conduct original research on human development, global education, and organizational health. Julia is a co-author of Empowering Global Citizens: A World Course... Read More →
avatar for Tim Carr

Tim Carr

Senior Advisor, Avenues: The World School
Having lived on four continents for a total of 26 years overseas, Tim has been fortunate to lead some of the world’s most iconic international schools, including the Jakarta Intercultural School in Indonesia, the American School in Japan, the Country Day School in Costa Rica and... Read More →

Friday December 2, 2022 9:30am - 10:30am EST

9:30am EST

One hundred plus: Reflections for the next generation of school leaders
Rising school head, the Reverend Michael Spencer, will moderate a panel discussion with five heads of school who combined have more than 100 years of experience leading schools. They will reflect on lessons learned, wisdom gained, and what is to come for aspiring/new school leaders.

avatar for Michael E Spencer Spencer

Michael E Spencer Spencer

Vice Rector for Faculty, St. Paul's School
The Rev. Michael Spencer has worked in independent schools for almost three decades as a Humanities teacher, varsity rowing coach, adviser, chaplain, and administrator.  He currently serves as Vice Rector for Faculty (Associate Head of School) at St. Paul's School in New Hampshire... Read More →
avatar for Laurie Hurd

Laurie Hurd

Executive Director of Advancement, Hyde School
avatar for Willy MacMullen
avatar for Erin Mayo

Erin Mayo

Head of School, Fryeburg Academy
Erin Mayo has been Head of School at Fryeburg Academy in Fryeburg, Maine since 2013. Following the current school year, her tenth at Fryeburg, she will assume duties as Head of School at Doane Academy in Burlington, New Jersey. Erin serves on St. Johnsbury Academy’s Board of Trustees... Read More →
avatar for Phil Peck

Phil Peck

Retired Head of School, Holderness School
R. Phillip Peck, Retired Head of School, Holderness School. Phil graduated from Dartmouth College in 1978 with citations in History and Russian Literature. At Dartmouth he was on an NCAA-champion ski team, and won Dartmouth’s Robert C. Gebhardt Award for high achievement in academics... Read More →
avatar for Nancy Starmer

Nancy Starmer

Board Chair, Lincoln Academy
Nancy Starmer joined the Lincoln Academy community in 2017 as a consultant to the board, then served as Interim Head of School during the 2018-19 school year. At Milton Academy in Boston, where she spent the first 27 years of her career, she wore many hats as a history teacher, dorm... Read More →

Friday December 2, 2022 9:30am - 10:30am EST
Atlantic 1

9:30am EST

Teacher-leadership for transformational change: Building sustainable educator pipelines through mission-aligned collaboration and inquiry
This interactive session will introduce a framework for transformational teacher-leadership grounded in mission, collaboration, and inquiry to build and sustain educator and school leader pipelines across sectors and school types. Highlighting successful teacher-leadership programs and examples across U.S. school contexts, participants will then reflect on their current structures to support pipelines and teacher-leadership. Participants will review and discuss tools and resources to revitalize efforts to create sustainable opportunities for resilient teacher-leadership and school leader formation. This engaging session will center participant reflection, discussion, and planning to utilize the knowledge and resources to create a concrete action plan to lead the transformational change needed across our schools and systems.

avatar for Michael O'Connor, Ph.D.

Michael O'Connor, Ph.D.

Program Director, Outreach & Professional Development, Roche Center for Catholic Education, Boston College
Michael T. O’Connor, Ph.D. is the Program Director of Outreach and Professional Development at the Roche Center for Catholic Education of the Lynch School of Education & Human Development, Boston College. A former middle school English Language Arts (ELA) teacher, instructional... Read More →

Friday December 2, 2022 9:30am - 10:30am EST
Atlantic 3

9:30am EST

Understanding and managing biases
In many situations, these biases are a normal, healthy aspect of our cognitive ability. But there are other times when biases can cause us to act in ways that undermine our personal/professional values and goals.​

Without realizing it, we can have biases that either favor those who match our own identity, or the identity that is most culturally privileged.​

avatar for Kam Chohan

Kam Chohan

Executive Director, ECIS
Kam Chohan is the Executive Director for ECIS. With an impressive background in education and leadership, Kam is a learning leader and brings insight, wisdom, and compassion to the role. As an example of her commitment to student learning, Kam worked with the UK Government’s Behaviour... Read More →

Friday December 2, 2022 9:30am - 10:30am EST
Atlantic 2

10:30am EST

Break - time to network and visit exhibitors!

Friday December 2, 2022 10:30am - 10:45am EST

10:45am EST

Keynote: Braver, Bolder, Brighter: School renewal for a brand new world
In this talk, Harvard Professor of Education Ebony N. Bridwell-Mitchell will share research-based insights about why schools so often fall back on the institutional status quo even when it disserves far too many students and reinforces historical inequities. She will also share what it takes to encourage greater innovation and improvement in schools and how doing so calls on educators to reimagine their work by thinking in braver, bolder, brighter ways about what is possible for students and schools to accomplish.

This session is proudly supported by SMMA

avatar for Ebony Bridwell-Mitchell

Ebony Bridwell-Mitchell

Professor of Education, Harvard University Graduate School of Education
Dr. Ebony Bridwell-Mitchell is a Full Professor of Education at Harvard University’s Graduate School of Education. Dr. Bridwell-Mitchell's award-winning research builds on her three areas of training and study: organizational management theory, public policy, and education in order... Read More →

Friday December 2, 2022 10:45am - 12:00pm EST
Pacific E-H
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